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MyOwnFreeConference.Com - 24/7 conferencing system - 712-432-4800
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We are now offering people their very own free conference room for personal or business use. This conferencing system is located in Iowa, is free of charge, and can be any code you want it to be. Your conference room will hold an unlimited amount of callers, and if you need extra codes they can be provided. Our free conferencing system offers the most advanced features around, which you can access from both the phone and the web. Some features include the ability to mute, kick, and block people from ever joining your room again right from your telephone. So even if you do not have access to a computer 24/7, you still get all the features you deserve to run a successful conference. You can even take people private one on one for private conversations. To view all of the features we have available, and learn how to work them, visit the features page.

If you want to start using this service immediately just call 712-432-4800. When you hear the main greeting, just enter in any 3 or 4 digit code followed by the pound key. For this type of instant conference you will only have the regular features that all callers have access to.

If you want a conference room with full features, and web control, you will need to provide us with a moderator code, and a room code (room number).

The moderator code will need to be at least 6 digits, but can be more. You never give out this code to anyone as this is what controls your conference room over the telephone. With this code you will have access to absolutely everything including the ability to change the code, block or unblock callers, change room greetings, add or remove features, and so much more, so keep this code safe.

The room code is your room number that you will give out to all of your friends, or colleagues. This code can be as easy as you like. There are no worries with this code. It will need to be at least 5 digits since we are using all the 3 and 4 digit codes for instant conferences. This code will end in pound. An example of a room code would be 12345#.

Once you know what you would like for your codes, contact us by calling 773-572-6200. Let us know your first name, or nickname, and the codes you have chosen, and we will set them up within 24 hours. If for some reason they are not set up, that means your moderator code was too easy to figure out, or that the room you selected was already taken. This rarely happens, but it could.

Once your codes are set up just call into the conference center and enter your room number. Once you are in your room press star 9 to login with your moderator code. Once you are logged in you can access your moderator menu by pressing star 8. If you need to learn how to use any of the features you can press star star in the room, or just visit the features page on this website.

If your conference room drops below 100 minutes a day for an entire week your codes will be deleted. If this happens, you can either use an instant conference, or you can contact us to set you up with new codes when needed.

We are now offering people the chance to not only get a free phone conference, but to actually be able to run their very own party line for free. If this interests you, and you would like more information please visit the links at the top of this page. Features will list all features. System information will list the system rules, and all the different system types we offer as well as the requirement on how to get one. When you are ready contact us.